cover art & artwork submission guidelines

Send all submissions to

Each semester, Laurel Moon features up to two works of art on the covers of our print and online editions. These works are also used for our social media and print marketing of the magazine. All works are attributed to the creator in the content of the post, on the poster, or inside the magazine. Please note that for the content of our magazine, we only accept submissions of cover art from current undergraduates enrolled at a US-based college or university for the current semester.

Content Guidelines: In the past, Laurel Moon has only featured photos on our covers, but beginning Spring 2018 we have begun to accept submissions of two-dimensional art of other kinds, including paintings, drawings, etc. Our taste tends towards color, and we generally prefer art that does not include people as the subject. Unlike our cover art submissions, artwork submissions may be of any dimension. Artwork submissions include photographs.

Maximum Submission Volume: 10 photos

Resolution: Minimum image resolution is 300dpi at a 9"x11.5" size. 

Watermarks: We have received several beautiful photographs that we were unable to use because of watermarks. Please do not use them–you will be credited for your work. We promise.

Email your images as individual file attachments: If you run out of data space and cannot fit all of your art submissions into one email, just reply to the same email thread with the rest. We also request a cover letter with the following information:
• The higher education institution at which you are currently enrolled
• A brief, third person biographical note (no more than 50 words)
• Whether or not this is a simultaneous submission