occasionally it is necessary
to walk with a pebble in your shoe
my morning informants are
rabble-rousers in boots
and granite on verruca
reminding me that we are consumers of smoke
like i spike my bronchiole with marijuana
to enlighten a cure for my millennial affliction
why incriminate my path to
lessen the blisters on my brain
and cheapen the therapy bills
by making my neurons tingle
from a light and a plant
buying bics late at night
a pebble in my shoe
and a greek fire in my hand
i don’t mind a piece of gaia along for the ride
it is the least i can do for her offerings to me
a little rock burn hurts nobody

Charlotte Lang is a graduating Senior at Brandeis University looking forward to the great unknown. Her favorite courses at Brandeis have been within the Creative Writing department. She may not have a job yet, but she has a cat.