Deon Robinson

Spring night is a light metallic phenomenon, 
Stars are winking at one another in captivity 
The only moon I can see is a kaleidoscope of counted sheep 
The grass, a sea of dull blades 

My vernacular is sharp from the whetstone 
I fear not being able to taste this night on my tongue 
Being a poet, they are all I have left 
They bicker and battle, hold each other hostage. 

What am I if not what I have promised the world? 
Can I build a metropolis
with an accent thick as thieves
& an orphaned tongue?

Deon Robinson is an aspiring writer from Bronx, New York. He currently studies at Susquehanna University where he was the recipient of the Janet C. Weis Prize for Literary Excellence for his writing. His poetry has appeared in Asterism, Bridge, Glass’ Poets Resist Series, and Occulum Journal. Follow his misadventures and let him know what your favorite poems are on Twitter @djrthepoet.